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Streamline operations with comprehensive billing, collections, online recharge, and complaint management solutions for Internet service providers & Cable Tv Operators

Best ISP Billing Software | Cable TV Billing App

Subscriber Management

Seamlessly organize and update subscriber data to ensure efficient service delivery and personalized customer interactions

Customer CAF Management

Streamline customer acquisition forms to expedite onboarding processes and enhance customer satisfaction from the start

Recharge Renewal

Simplify the process of recharging and renewing subscriptions to minimize disruptions and maintain seamless connectivity.

24x7 Online Bill Payment

Offer customers the convenience of paying bills and recharging their accounts online for hassle-free transactions.

Dues Management

It helps businesses track and handle outstanding payments from customers. It ensures timely collection of dues, preventing financial loss and maintaining healthy cash flow

Payment Reconciliation

Ensure accuracy in financial records by reconciling payments efficiently and minimizing discrepancies

Complaint Management

Address customer concerns promptly and professionally to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Sales Management

Optimize sales processes and track performance to maximize revenue and business growth.

Android & iOS App

Provide customers with mobile apps for both platforms, offering convenience and accessibility on the go

SMS, WhatsApp Notification

Keep customers informed about important updates and promotions through timely SMS and email notifications

Complete Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports to gain insights into business performance and make informed decisions

Expense Management

Monitor and control expenses to optimize resource allocation and maximize profitability.

Get New Connection Leads

Connect with Fresh Leads for Online Success! Let's Expand Together. Join Our Network Today and Tap into a World of Opportunities.

GPS Monitoring

Monitor agents locations in real-time with GPS tracking for efficient resource allocation and service delivery

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface which provide an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for a seamless user experience.

Bank-Grade Security

Bank-Grade Security Protect sensitive customer data with robust bank-grade security measures to build trust and confidence

Seamlessly integrated with major Bandwidth Managements

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The Ultimate CRM Solution for Internet Service Providers with 10 Years of Industry Expertise

Automated Billing Processes

Our CRM software automates the billing process, from invoice generation to payment reminders. ISPs can configure billing cycles, apply discounts, and generate invoices effortlessly, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Streamlined Operations

By automating billing processes and centralizing customer data, our CRM software streamlines ISP operations and reduces administrative overhead. ISPs can focus on delivering exceptional service to customers, knowing that billing and collections are handled efficiently

Revenue Tracking and Reporting:

Gain visibility into revenue streams and financial performance with our comprehensive reporting tools. Customizable reports and dashboards provide insights into billing trends, collection efficiency, and revenue growth, empowering ISPs to make informed decisions and drive business success.

Collection Management Tools

Monitor and manage outstanding payments with our collection management tools. Our CRM software provides real-time insights into payment statuses, enabling ISPs to track overdue accounts, send reminders, and initiate collection actions as needed.

Simplifying ISP Operations: A Comprehensive CRM Solution with Billing and Collection Facilities

Happy Customers

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Simplify the billing experience for customers with our user-friendly self-service portals. Customers can view invoices, make payments, and manage account preferences online, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Revenue

Revenue Optimization: Maximize revenue potential with our CRM software's advanced billing and collection capabilities. By reducing payment delinquencies and improving collection efficiency, ISPs can optimize cash flow and drive bottom-line growth.

Operational Cost Reduction

Our CRM Soultions for ISPs streamline processes, automate tasks like billing and support, and centralize customer data, leading to significant operational cost reduction. With integrated analytics and scalable features, these CRMs optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive profitability in the competitive realm of internet services

Hassle-free CRM tailored for ISPs

A hassle-free CRM for ISPs optimizes operational efficiency. From lead management to service provisioning and beyond, automation eliminates manual tasks and reduces errors. This means faster response times, smoother workflows, and ultimately, improved profitability.

All your Online Transaction are completely safe and secure

Secure by Nortan

"We seriously concerned about visitor’s safety and trust that's why we use Symantec, Symantec scans our site for malware on a daily basis. we give assurance to our customers safety when they do transaction online.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options are comfortable and expected when doing online transactions. We offer multiple payment option to our customers. These options include credit card, debit card, net banking, IMPS, pre-paid wallets etc.

100% Assurance.

Payfast team is assured your full satisfaction for each transaction you made with payfast. if your money is deducted & recharge failed, your money will be refunded automatically.

Payfast is 256 bit SSL secured

Payfast uses bank grade security to protect their customers data with robust 256-bit encryption. we use strong encryption to assures customers and visitors that their information is safe over the web.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

SRSMP is Pay fast India’s powerful user-friendly Subscriber, Revenue and Service Management Portal that helps Cable TV Operator & Internet Service Provider to manage their business with ease from their Mobile Phones and Laptops. SRSMP Application is the same for Computer and Mobile Phone. Hence you can work on separate platforms with same application.

No, that is not required. Simply download SRSMP mobile app from Google Play Store or Signup at and start using SRSMP Portal.

Auto Bill Generation for each subscriber for multiple services, Simple pay per user pricing.

Pay Fast provides you Instantly back-end updates of your account against any payment collected, online or offline.

PAYFAST Uses Bank-grade security, all data secured in encrypted mode on cloud servers with 256-bit SSL Encryption.

User-friendly, no technical knowledge required, No Installation required, Single Customer ID for multiple services, Setup customized admin panel with your company logo and brand name for brand Identity.

Easy to use Mobile app with Bluetooth printer for cash collection, Mobile App and Web Application Both Secured by User ID and Password.

Available in pure online & offline mode for uninterrupted revenue collection & other transactions in the field. Search, filter and find any collection report and download as excel and reconcile them.

Mobile apps & website enables Anywhere Anytime Online Payment options for your customers, whether payment is collected through Online or Offline, a receipt is instantly generated & delivered to customers mobile.

Monitoring of revenue collector with GPS settings in the field to stop misuses and malpractices, Control your network from your fingertip from anytime, anywhere.

Payfast provides leads for a new connection from your area for Cable Tv & Broadband, Bulk alerts and promotional offers.

Payfast auto-notification system reminds customers for dues to ensure timely payments, no more follow-up calls to the customer for reminding dues.

Strengthen your brand identity by configuring a custom SMS shortcode. PAYFAST will send all customer SMSs through this shortcode.

Auto Text messaging, Push Notification and auto mailing service for regular updates, Auto adjustment of customer communication and follow-ups.

Payfast provides ticket based online support system through Website, Android App and iOS App for your customer, Update ticket status and add comment on any complaints

Auto-assign complaints to the employee for quick action, LCO can track complaint status and manage ticket status as per latest update.

Real-Time engagement on fields complaints through our online support system improving customer experiences, online chat support with employees for each complaint.

Check updated reports anytime, anywhere on your mobile or computer screen, a partner can search, filter and download daily payment summary, dues, complaints, subscribers, enrollment and many other reports location wise and employee wise.

Yes, you can use SRSMP mobile app without internet in offline mode, but only payment collection system will work under offline mode.

SRSMP is available on Android and Windows Platforms versons. Android: KitKat (4.4x) onwards; iOS is coming soon.

First you have to sign up for start using SRSMP after signup our technical team will contact you and describe further procedure to use SRSMP.

Thanks for signup, until you have completed all procedure to start using SRSMP your account will be in de-activated mode.

You can create unlimited users with restricted access permission facility. You can decide what other users can see on your SRSMP account

Yes, you can change users profile under your account anytime but this facility is allowed through in logged section only.

This may happen because of old cache, you can clear your cache by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del, then press Ctrl+Shift+R. If you still see old logos you can use integrated support system or contact us on

Before deleting any customer, system will ask for your permission, if you deleted any customer by mistake then use our integrated support system or contact to restore customer data.

You can call our Customer Care numbers mentioned in contact section or to the respective account manager or email us on